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Learn how to look after your pets together.

Here is a list of all the worksheets and activities for families to learn together.

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  • A Free Award from PDSA - PetWise School Award
    PDSA's PetWise School Award Programme provides a range of free resources for school teachers, group leaders and home schooling families who want to enhance their children's love of animals through fun, educational sessions. Created by teachers & vets collaboratively, this curriculum-linked resource gives teachers everything they need to educate their pupils about animals, including how to stay safe around dogs, stereotypes and how to be a responsible pet owner. This programme is not exclusive to schools and can be accessed by parents for individual children of any age when signing up as a ‘home school’. It is also part of the Children's University programme. Contact if you need any support signing up.

    Format: Lesson plans, sessions & activities
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  • A Video Introduction to PDSA
    This session provides an overview of PDSA, the work they do and how they help. It also shares amazing stories of pets PDSA has helped. Sign up to PetWise School Award for more resources relating to this topic.

    Format: Video
    File type: YouTube
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  • Digital Talks from PDSA
    We are currently able to deliver a range of topics to schools and groups all over the UK via Teams or Zoom, but we have limited availability. Please fill out our booking form to request a talk.

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  • Woody's Dog Safety Workshop - Key Stage 2
    A fun, interactive lesson taking children on a journey discovering everything they need to know about staying safe around dogs. Your class will become dog safety experts as they learn what dogs like and don’t like, how to stay safe at home and out and about and learn when even the friendliest of dogs need time alone. An essential guide to dog safety, delivered by an experienced educator alongside Woody and Wiggles, two animated dogs.

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